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Cabaret’s shows creatively bringing together musicians, dancers, choreographers, actors, circus performers, technical and service staff and many other people have been brought onto the stage under the management of the group’s director and producer Viktors Runtulis since 2003. Every day, we create a story together, weaving the work of different artists into a live performance.

Shows take months to create, with the performances themselves traditionally taking place in December. We already have our regular audience who plan their visits to our shows way in advance. Tables at favourite shows are booked as early as spring.

The end of the year, the time of Christmas, is coming. A refuge for those who love beauty appeared somewhere between the hectic life of the city and the pre-holiday rush. Only those in the know can find it. They are insiders, they can detect the special doors, behind which time stops, and an instant becomes an eternity. They have come to the realm of live music and an interplay of glimpses, where cheerful laughter and tears of compassion go together. They are in a world so fragile that the desire to preserve it for as long as possible is only natural.

Beautifully dressed ladies and courteous gentlemen join in on the actors’ jokes, funny set-ups, they accept their roles for the night, and enjoy the miracle of the moment in friendly company.
The action always takes place in a theatre restaurant setting, with table service. Everything has been planned, down to the fine details: the action takes place in multiple dimensions, and the viewers become aware of the interplay between the stage performers and the service staff, up until the point that the boundary separating role-play is lost, and the audience becomes a fully-fledged participant. inspiration.

The word ‘cabaret’ appeared in 1930s France, where it meant a place (a liqueur cellar) where artists gathered. They performed on stage, alone and in groups, while others came to enjoy these live shows, lost in absinthe and bohemian spirit, discovering and enjoying what was happening around them. Performers sang, danced, read poetry, while someone made a painting of the whole event at the same time. Later, in Germany, this performance form took a comical and political turn, helping people survive the regime of the time. At the same time, during prohibition in America, and in Europe, the intimate performances turned into extravagant dinner shows, with the audiences sitting at lavishly set tables and sipping banned liquor from teacups. All of this was accompanied by the music of popular jazz bands, under the shining light of divas of the time.

The creative group follow the traditions of this genre, and create their own artistic character, finding new directions in their style of choice.


Over more than 15 years of our existence, we have not only created 15 different shows, but also developed performances for various purposes and formats. Our selection of shows and costumes is so wide that we can adapt to any kind of event. We have created fancy ceremonies, and special outdoor and indoor events for major companies. Our creative team can manage the technical support of the event, and create a special script for any night, integrating the Cabaret’s specially selected fragments into key components of your event. Our group has arranged advertising campaigns, major award ceremonies, live television shows, and large-scale city festivals. We select hosts, performers, service and technical staff that are appropriate for every situation and every event. We have had experience developing events both in Latvia and abroad, including Russia, Armenia, and even India. Over the years, we have been able to appeal to the international audience, and we know how to find the best ways of bringing audiences together. If you want your guests to remember the event for a long time, and want to repeat it, do not hesitate, and contact us!