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In 2013—2017, the Cabaret project used the Palladium concert hall as the venue for its shows. We managed to regain the large scale of our early shows there, because both the stage and the auditorium permitted this. This was the time when we created our colourful and exciting shows: La Luna, Peerle, ReLOVEvution, Jazzoteria. Although the shows differed in their character and musically, there was one thing that they had in common: TIME. The audience was brought back and forth between the early 20th century and today, inviting them to think about how we perceive time and interact with it. Do we leave things for later and wait, instead of acting and being creative?

We have come HERE to meet wonderful companions in our journey, to meet lovers, fellow thinkers, friends whose hearts are like pearls. And when the time comes to say ‘good-bye’ and go away, it’ll be as easy taking a breath, because so many undiscovered depths still lie ahead.