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In December 2018, the Cabaret group performers moved to the grand hall of the Sporta2Kvartāls, inviting their audiences to their biggest show up to that point, O.

O is about a focussed starting point. When we take a suitcase the size of a fleck of dust, and try to cram all we have into it, and venture beyond the circle. Every time you come closer to O, the weight of everything you bring becomes less, while everything you take away gets unbearably light.

O is about a miracle that overcomes the laws of gravity and the speed of light. It is about a child’s unconditional curiosity and belief in the world being fair. It is about complete emptiness.

O is about the round eyes, open wide, that the soul uses to look at the world, and about the mouth, with which it talks to the world. O is a way through. It is a hole. It is a draught. O is a space-time where two worlds collide, and new lives appear at the speed of light.